How to Better Family Communication

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Most families seem to have a communication problem, something hardly used to be. How often do you get together with your family?

Communication is the key to any relationship, without talking how can you know what the other person feels or needs?  You should create time for your family communicating with each other, many of us have busy life schedules but you can’t ignore reality.

Insist on family meals, this brings every body to the table, and talking can take place.A time to share with one another about what goes on in their daily lives, talk about any thing but make sure you pay attention to your family conversations.

Spend time individually, take your child out for a walk, with out cell phones to interrupt your communication, if you have teens do the same spend time outdoors to be together. Listening is far more important than talking, so when it comes to family communication you should be listening four times more than talking too much

Parents sometimes rant and scream before listening to the full conversation, and this normally happens when they hear negative news. Avoid these issues, listen carefully and approach with caution. If you explode in the middle of the conversation, apologise immediately and reassure you are listening.

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