Lots of New Year’s Resolutions Are Fruitless, Except When You Are Using A Vision Board!

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So many people make resolutions each year but a better idea would be if they started using vision boards to achieve their yearly goals instead.

Of the thousands of folks from every country in the world who actually set themselves those new resolutions, did you know that within just a couple of weeks, as many as 95% of them have scrapped their resolutions completely?

So what happens to all that good intent, desire, and wanting to reshape their lives into something better than the one they had the previous year? Funny enough, the ‘wanting a better life’ feeling is still there inside all those people, but they just took the wrong approach; they chose the negative aspect rather than the positive one. That’s how a vision board can help.

Normally people associate the New Year with a new and fresh start to their life, almost like breaking away from all the bad stuff and starting over again. This is why they make resolutions. But what is a resolution? Think about all those resolutions you made yourself in the past;’ I want to quit smoking, or I want to lose some weight or I should get out and exercise more’.

See a pattern? All those resolutions are a negative statement. They also move you away from having your pleasure, such as smoking or over indulging, to stopping having a pleasure, and all because it is supposed to be good for you. Not because you really want to stop enjoying that pleasure.

Resolutions generally do not work for some very simple reasons. In the case of wanting to quit smoking, when you declare “I don’t want to smoke” you are not using the Law of Attraction in the way to get positive results. A negative word like “don’t” cannot be recognised by the Universal law, so that statement now becomes “I want to smoke”. So guess what? That’s exactly what the Universal law responds to.. Keeping you smoking.

Secondly, why this request or resolution would not work is because your subconscious mind is reluctant to change, even if it means positive change. Your request to stop smoking will be rejected by your subconscious because it loves habit and stability, no matter how much your conscious mind wants to bring about change.

Maybe the easiest reason to understand is the third one. Basically you are trying to stop doing something you enjoy. Not because you want to, but because you feel you have to; that’s the reason why 95% of all resolutions fall apart in just 2 or 3 weeks.

So how can you stop doing the things you know are bad for you? The answer is simple; you look at the ‘thing’ you want out of your life and you rethink it from a negative to a positive; from a ‘don’t like’ to a ‘like’, and that simple technique will work every time for you. Vision boards will do that for you.

A Vision board makes sure that all your thoughts remain positive and upbeat, rather than being negative. Take the example of not wanting to smoke; you can make a positive statement about this quite simply by pinning up 2 or 3 images of athletes or your favoured sports stars and write out a big and positive affirmation to say ‘ I am healthy, fit and feeling great’. So if part of feeling healthy means no smoking then that’s how it has to be.

Vision boards have spun a negative thought into a positive one; you are drilling that positive thought right down into your subconscious mind. Looking at that image twice a day will keep your thoughts and emotions constantly focused on exactly how good it feels to be fit and healthy again and by doing that your resolve will be enforced; your resolution achieved.


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