Barbers, Modern Artists

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Barbers, modern artists and greatly under appreciated.

We don’t normally see anyone praising their barbers so I’ll praise mine. That’s mainly because these hard workers cater to men, and men aren’t too vocal about how they feel (which makes me question myself sometimes… in my room… all alone… am i? or am i not? hahaha kidding! although jokes are half meant! half! oh no! got to stop rambling…)

back to the main subject.

We often overlook the great attention to detail and precision these blade wielders employ to achieve the look we want, without breaking a sweat.

I had my haircut at a barbershop owned by a Volkswagen owner and he gives a big discount (although he’s not the one who cuts my hair). I usually don’t ask for my change, and just leave it as a tip for the barber.

That’s because he put up with my squirming and fidgeting. Sometimes I doze off and when I wake up, it’s still perfect!

I often just read a magazine and try not to meddle with what the barber’s doing to my hair. I just give a basic idea of what i want and let him do the rest with his scissors. Good thing that barber shop has volkswagen magazines to keep me engrossed!

So as I’m flipping through the magazines, he’s snipping off hair and I know I’m in good hands. I can rest assured that he won’t cut a clump of hair (leaving me with a bald spot) or god forbid the tip of my ear.

After he’s done, he brushes off the little hairs that may have stuck to my shirt and any other excesses and proceeds to scrape off the edges to define the hairline.

This is the moment when you absolutely have to hold your breath, or else you get nicked. And that’s not the barber’s fault.

After that comes the back rub and your off.

Go over to the cashier and pay the exact amount and then tip your barber.

That way on your next visit he’ll be more than happy to do what you want with your hair.

These guys are sculptures, artists, gracefully weaving in and out with their scissors and fearlessly pressing the sharp edges of their blades to soft, tender skin. They walk the thin line between perfection and blood oozing out.

So you better be nice to barbers.


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