Fog Claimed Eight Lives

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It was the fog which claimed eight lives that were enjoying their holidays on the occasion of Christmas, and dashed all their hopes within a fraction of second. They are all the residents of Bangalore, Silicon Valley of Asia and went for Tamil Nadu along with their family members and friends to visit tourist spots. They enjoyed the whole day, and were on the way back to their native place.

But the fate struck hard and they died on their midway to home. That was chilly morning, the area was under the cover of thick fog, and the visibility was very poor. The speeding tempo in which they were traveling rammed into stone-laden truck at Pothapuram, near Kaveripattinam of Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India.

The truck was playing on a flyover, and the speeding Tempo Traveler was also in the same direction. Due to poor visibility driver of the tempo would not have noticed the truck ahead of him, and rammed into the truck. Incident took place on December 26th, a day after Christmas.

Six persons including four women, and driver of the tempo died on the spot and two of the injured breath their last on the way to the government hospital. Some of them may survive, if they were admitted to the hospital soon after the incident. But, locals witnessed the mishap only at the break of dawn, and informed to police, and it was too late. Police along with fire service personnel reached the spot and launched the rescue operation. They admitted the four others who injured in the incident to the nearby hospital.

State government announced a compensation of one lakh INR each to the families of the eight killed. But the injured failed to get any compensation as they had not got insured to claim any compensation. Adding, fault was on their own side, as their vehicle itself hits the lorry from backside.


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