What to Smoke From: Tobacco Paraphernalia Review

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For those of us who are not glued to cigarettes, and like to smoke our herb out of other things every once in a while here are comments and suggestions regarding different types of paraphernalia:

(Like em, check out the how to’s I made to have a virtually free piece like some of these)

Cigarette rolling papers: Cheap. No more than about $3 for a 32 pack. Burns quickly at times, with harsh smoke when the paper to fill ratio is large. I recommend getting cellulose clear rolling papers; they burn slower and pull smoother, especially when it is rolled a little tight with a paper tip at the end. I tend to get the king size ones, they come out okay by hand, but dropping a few bucks ($2-10) on a cigarette roller is worth it when you’re lazy…or when its windy.

BluntWraps and the other brown or green leafy/paper materials: I find them for about $0.99 up the street for a 2 pack. $1.5 at other places though. Decently quick if only using one layer. Those using brands with multiple layers will obviously increase roll time. Larger than average size cigarette papers, so they can fill out to last longer. Somewhat smoother as well, when used in moderation…otherwise like most smoking products they can become noticeably harsh on the lungs.

Spoon bowls & other dry Hand held tobacco pipes: These are normally the oddly colored seemingly penis shaped pipes. They can be very cool though with a few extra accents in texture, shape, etc. they can range from $5 to a couple hundred. Find them online, flea markets, some malls, and herbal/cigar/tobacco shops. They can be a bit harsh if one inhales a lot, mainly because people sometimes under estimate the amount of smoke in the chambers. However they are quick and a bit more convenient with less smoke than the previously noted. One thing I hate about these is when you are down to the last few pulls of your fill, if the openings are large enough with enough force, the ashy embery contents of the bottom of the pipe rockets into my mouth ew.

Water Pipes: The bubbly stuff! They come in many shapes and sizes, not to mention color, and even smoke design. The main thing about these is the fact that with the use of water (possibly ice, or icy water) the smoke travels through it to cool before going into the lungs. The smoke released varies with these, but can be controlled. I’ve seen a few for as little as five bucks, but I like to spend a decent amount on the cools ones to impress the pals.

Gravity/ Waterfall Pipes: Ridiculously hardcore and unnecessary. I’d say find or make one with a smaller burning surface area, these do not need a lot of tobacco to fill as much as a 2 liter bottle at all, I’m talking .1g. I’ve got some how to’s I’m sure mention constructing one of these. Even a unique design made for your convenience.

Vaporizers: Expensive $50+++, unless going the makeshift route (see my other article on homemade smoking devices). Worth the money. Less harsh feeling, little to no smoke. These are good for inside smokers that rather not kill any pet birds in the house or something like that. I’d say get the ones that heat and cool quickly, no need to wait on it, or fumble with it. There are portable ones if you look hard enough; they tend to be decently pricey though.

If some of these interest you and buying them isn’t on your list, go ahead and check out my other articles mentioning how to make a few of these.


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