Death as Denied

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Death is a great mystery to most men.  Like some, I regard it as simply a fact.  It cannot be diagnosed, theorized upon, guessed at or be a projection of our fears.  Religions talk about an afterlife that has various meanings, all the wonderful things awaiting us in a heaven.  It’s all a matter of belief.  And what have all our wondrous beliefs accomplished through time?  Based on results, a great fear of death, which will deliver great immortality or the converse, hell fire.  This life is regarded a way station in which we accumulate by good works and worship points in a big book or eternal record.   Even the very rich believe so.  They justify their riches as God’s favor and an inheritance of virtue.  Or this life is the worship of Mammon.   Sinners pay in Hell.   This view of Death is false.  

Religion is an escape from the very facts that lie within our very instinct.  Those anthropomorphically designed images of forces or gods with their culturally driven rituals and beliefs complemented our development as a species.  They served essential purposes for thousands of years.  And they wrought great harm.  Our history is replete with one failure after another due to religion.  War, genocide, oppression, enslavement, and hatred have divided mankind and drives today’s politics.   Religious fundamentalism of all stripes has again raised its ugly head.  Death is paramount.   Death drives all kinds of extremes, each trying to avoid the end.  And if it cannot be avoided, then perhaps life can be continued in an afterlife.  This provides great security for the fearful soul.  And the Priests have always promoted this view.


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