Facebook Shutting Down Announced: March 15

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As clear as it was stated, the 7.9 billion dollar worth business will be closed on March 15. It’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says “I don’t care about the money… I just want my old life back”.

This decision to close Facebook was said to be the most difficult decision the CEO have ever done knowing that millions of people would react and most will be upset by this move. But Zuckerberg believes that this is for the better, “Making real friends is always the better”, he says.

 It was said that the Facebook has gotten out of control and so it needs to put end on all its madness. As much as lot of facebook fan have been afraid and having mixed emotions and reactions to this rumor that is getting viral, parents, teachers, as well as office boss’, have been given relief that “the facebook nightmare is finally over” as this news spread out.

 The multi-billion dollar franchise that has become the biggest social network of all time will finally come to its end, marked on March 15, 2010.

 Mark Zuckerberg has not given any official statements yet regarding this issue. Others believe that this is FALSE and is just a hoax.


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