Husband or Father Just Some Thoughts.

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The word husband is an Anglo-Saxon word, which means “The Band of the house”, or “The Master of the House”, the one who organizes it, holds it together, and controls it.

This being said, let’s talk about it.  Husband and Father are two different things don’t you agree.  Husband is like and
obligation, a voluntary choice in life, being a father is also an obligation, and not always a voluntary choice in life. But still go hand in hand if you’re both. 

Just as all responsibilities, it is summed up in the word Love, Although Love is short word, but with every letter means obligation.  A Husband’s Love it may mean lots of things, but in a marriage, the happiness of others. Love is affection, which exists between the sexes. To preserve this love is of the up most vital to a marriage. Love should be real and genuine, and that is hard to find in this disturbed world we live into today.  But it is actually out there, being told there is someone for everyone!

So the duty of a husband is? Unselfishness ranks high on my list. To make sure others needs are met before you own.  Love your wife as you love yourself.  As this world is full of lazy, worthless husbands that throw money away when they have no food on the table, the electric is close to being shut off.  But if you put a little effort into relationships, it can be a long and happy one.

The Husband that isn’t faithful to his wife is guilty of a crime against himself and his wife.  To be faithful is a solemn promise in marriage. It was a part of the marriage vows.  But also to the women out there who know your married and don’t care, don’t have your best interest in hand, they are out for themselves.  If you have been unfaithful, unburden your heart, and tell the truth, and get on with what really is important to you.  No matter how you hope, No matter
how your try, you can’t make the truth out of a lie.  Don’t keep secrets between you, talk, and get it out in the open.  It is certainly a sad, when a husband and wife can’t or don’t confide in each other. Remembering to stay on track to what is important in your life will make a world of difference.

You should be a living example for your children if you’re a father.  Things that are true, and honest, you are your Childs role model; they look up to you as their father.   Model good behavior, actions speak much louder than words.  As a husband and a father it is your duty to be an excellent moral person.   Set an example, Children mimic adults
behavior and there vocabulary too.   Never find fault with your children or wife in front of others.  If you want your wife
or children to submit to your judgment, never ask them to submit to your selfishness.  Love is largely your children and wife’s wages.  Don’t scrimp on Love. Embracing the gentle yearning of you own heart. 

Some Idea’s have more dinners together as a family, Say more, do more, give more.  This isn’t a to-do list in disguise.  Most of fathers work a lot; the children grow up before they know it, actually missing the best parts of their children’s lives.  Yes, we know you have to work, yes; we know you have to pay the bills, just slow down one notch. And take time to enjoy your wife and children.  Your soul purpose in this life is to grab the moments that will make you happy, although it is relatively easy for you to change your lifestyle, it will take time. 
As your children grow, they will have their own lives.  Relax and get in touch with your changing family.  Show you care, read a book, get lost in someone else’s world and words.  Bake a cake; get down to their eye level.  Be the husband and father, your children and wife need.


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