Decorating With French Armoires

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French armoires provide stylish storage. However, you can find ways to mimic this look on a budget. Armoires are one of the more expensive pieces that you can buy, especially if you want to go with a true antique.

Start off with a plain china hutch. These are usually oversized and outdated because it was popular a few decades ago. As long as you can see the potential in these pieces then you can make sure that you get a piece that fits in your room.

Change up where you use this in your home. It is such an ornate style that you can even turn it quite feminine with a periwinkle or lavender paint. Then use it in a kid’s room but alter it so it also houses a desk so it can do double duty in smaller spaces.

Try to remove any dated elements. You could take out stained glass windows. This could work if it’s a clear glass but the 70’s style used a lot of faux plexi glass designs or even a mustard kind of color. Then you’re really going to want to find a replacement. Try a fabric covered panel. It could be in an elegant floral or damask print. Even if it’s an expensive fabric you’ll only need a little bit of it and it will really be quite budget friendly because you need such a small amount.

The French style is all about the details. You can add chicken wire to the door panel inserts. Another option is just to paint it which is really a must because old china cabinets have such a specific finish to them. Painting it really updates it. You can also add a glaze so that it seems more sophisticated. Try antiquing it with a dry brush. You could even wipe on white paint and then wipe it off to highlight some of the details such as scrollwork.


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