Choosing Patterns For Modern Home Decor

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Patterns are essential for modern home décor. This is really where the interest comes in among all of the stark pieces and neutral colors. In this case you can really try this out on anything from a coffee mug to artwork. However, you need to make sure that you still pick geometric patterns that are still going to fit within this style. Otherwise it’s just going to seem very disconnected.

Modern home décor can still relate back to nature. This tends to stay away from flowers unless they are really retro. Instead, you’re just going to see a ton of bird motifs. This will usually be in a graphic two tone palette and the silhouette is pretty basic. You’ll also see eggs used a lot on artwork instead of botanical flowers.

Peacock patterns are a big pattern in this design style. It can match a neutral color sofa. You can also use it with other opulent fabrics such as satins, silks, or velvets. This should just be one small piece in your room such as a throw pillow. If you’re really feeling adventurous you could try wallpaper in this pattern. You could have a lot of fun with this as the base of your color palette for a table. Layer on different purple, green and blue bowls for a dinnerware set that no one else will have.

Pop art pieces make you smile. They usually feature an animal silhouette like a cat or a bear. You’ll need to stick with basic outlines. It can also be unexpected like on a plate. The color palette and graphic style will ensure that it doesn’t seem too juvenile. Again, just use this in one spot in the room. You could also just find animal sculptures at thrift stores or the dollar store and then paint them white. Removing the color gives it more of the feeling of sculpture.


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