How to Make Money With Pictures Online

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Making money from internet is not only from content or article. Some people can generate money from internet with pictures. If you like photograph, you should use your hobby to generate money.

In this content, I will explain how to make money with pictures.

1. Sell your photos online. Some website provide place to sell your photos online such as dreamstime, fotolia, and others.

2. Create a poster with your picture. You can edit your pictures first to make your pictures good. You can sell the posters through online.

3. Sell your pictures to the book owner or website owner. Some book writer want the best illustrate for their book. You may be able to make a great illustration for the book. 

4. Embed a nice picture to some stuff such as mug, clock, mouse pad, shirt, jacket, hat, sticker, and others. Some people can generate thousand dollars from this way. Zazzle and cafepress are some website that facility to do that. We do not have to buy T Shirt, mug, clock, or others to make the stuff. Those website provide the stuff and we just provide the pictures only. That website will send the stuff once people order your stuff.

5. You can sell the stuff by yourself but you should have much money. You need to buy the stuff and you should send the stuff to the buyer.

6. Promote your pictures at blog. Some people may come to your blog and buy merchandize. I see the famous blog such as sell their logo.


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