The Right Tools For Short Hair

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If you are staring at yourself in the mirror and admiring your new short hair style then you may be wondering how to carry on with the wonderful look that you had when you walked out of the hair salon. The thing is, without the right tools, you may find it a little difficult to recreate the lovely hair that you had when the hairstylist did it.

The first thing that you will need for short hair and especially the graduated bob is a good hair brush, preferably a comb and also some straightening serum and wax also. These both can be used to create sleek looks as well as spiky and more modern ones and can be used to get poker straight hair even when you do not have a set of hair straightening irons to hand.

Another thing that you will find useful when you have a short hairstyle is a good shampoo that helps to put the oils back into the hair for it to remain healthy. Although short hair will generally require less washing than long hair, it may require more styling, dependant on the kind of style that you have and therefore a decent shampoo will help to keep it in good condition.


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