Caring For Short Hair

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In many ways short hair can be more easily looked after than long hair. For a start, the ends are not so obvious when they get a bit dry and even if they are, you can always go for a quick trim to keep them in touch. Layered and razor edged short hair is perhaps the best way to go for the most simple of hairstyles and maintenance and with cuts such as these, you can always trim as you go as there is no neat line to go for.

Long hair will very often need to be washed more often than short hair and this means more shampooing which can often strip the hair of the oils needed to be healthy. Of course, conditioner should be a staple part of any girls washing regime but with short hair, less washing means less stripping and therefore less of a need to take as much care.
Short hair will very often require less in the way of straightening and drying which means less heated products. This also ensures the hair is in better condition than long hair which may need more of these things.

All in all, shorter length hair can be easier to care for and maintain than longer hair but it can all depend on the individual and the type of hair that they have.


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