Tips For Mixing Different Types of Granite

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Granite is one of the leading high-end finishes in homes and has become a must in many renovation designs. One new trend is to mix different types of granite in the same room. This keeps the granite from seeming too expected and boring, while still offering this popular finish. Mixing different types of granite, however, can be quite difficult to do because of the large variety of color and style options. Here are some tips you can use in your home if you plan on mixing different types of granite.

Where are you putting it?

It may sound silly, but make sure you know where you are going to be putting the granite you are shopping for. Different ways of mixing granite work well in different areas of the home. You may want neutral colors in one area of the home, while wanting something more bold in another. So know where you are going to be having granite throughout the room and your home before you start deciding on a color.

Collect Some Different Samples

Granite comes in a limitless number of colors and styles, but you cannot get samples of all of them.

Try sticking to 20 to 30 samples in a wide range of colors that appeal to you. It may sound like a big number but it is these samples that you will be choosing from, and you want to have the biggest selection possible without going overboard. If you want to make the process easy on yourself, stick to neutral colors, as they are much easier to mix and match.

Match or Contrast?

Next you need to decide whether you want to have contrasting granite or have them match. For example, on a counter top you may want to keep the color of granite similar to the granite on a backsplash. Whereas, if you are putting granite on the floor, doing a contrasting pattern might look better. Play with different scenarios of colors using the samples you have to get a better idea of the look you are going for.

Keep it in the Same Color Spectrum

No matter if you are matching or contrasting your granite, you want to keep the overall color of the granite in the same color spectrum. For example, if you have green in your granite as your counter top, be sure that the back splash also has a green hue to it. This will prevent the clashing of colors and will give a more pleasing color.

Compare Samples and Decide

Narrow down all of your options to the few that are your favorite. Make sure that each of them will work together in the combination that you want. Then order these samples from your most favorite to your least favorite. Consider using your favorite granite in the place that will be seen the most and the your second favorite, third and so on as you see fit.

Once you have selected your favorite granite and determined that the different colors will mix well, all you need to do is order it. Mixing granite can be a great way to make a bold statement while having the high-end look of granite.


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