Paying Off Debt by Selling Unwanted Items

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If you are like the millions of people who are trying to pay off their debt, you can give your efforts a quick boost by selling your unwanted items. Everyone has items laying around their home that they no longer want or need. By selling these items, you can use that money to chip a way at debt that is stealing your paycheck month after month. Here are some thing to look for around your house and where you can sell them for the most money possible.


When you are looking for items to sell to pay off your debt, start with unwanted electronics. TVs, DVD players, MP3 players, speakers and old cell phones can all be sold for at least some profit. To do this, start by looking at the items condition and age to determine where to sell it. For newer items that are in great shape, pawn shops or classified ads will be the quickest way to sell them. For older items or items that no longer work, a garage sale or an online site that pays for used electronics may be the best bet. Try to remember that even if you only get a couple of dollars for that old cell phone. It is better than not getting anything and it simply sitting in a drawer and collect dust.


Next look through your closet and drawers for clothing that you no longer like or do not fit anymore. Separate these clothes by style, condition, and brand name. Brand name items that are in very good condition can be easily sold at a consignment shop. For older items and clothing that are not in the best of shape, a garage sale might be best. Anything that is left, take a picture of all of the items and sell them as part of a lot on a site like Craigslist. You may only get $5 for 10 older shirts but it is better than nothing. If some clothing does not sell, you can always donate the items and take it as a tax deduction.


If you are a book lover, it may be time to go through your library. Take all of your books to a store like Hastings or Half Price Books. Like anything that is used, you will no receive anything close to what you paid for it, but those few dollars per book will quickly add up. Also, don’t forget about textbooks as well if you are a student. These can sell for as much as $50 as piece if they are still being used in a course.


Another type of item unwanted item that you might have around your home is furniture. An old sofa, computer desk, an end table or even an antique that no longer fits your life can bring money to pay off debt. If it is an antique you are trying to sell, an auction or antique shop will likely be the best method to sell your piece for top dollar. A gently used piece would likely sell best in the classifieds or on Craigslist. However, even if your have an old sofa that you think is barely worth anything, it may still be worth listing online for bargain price. You never know what college student might just need that piece of furniture at the right price.

Kid’s Toys

If you have children, you can sell toys that they have outgrew to pay down debt. Kitchen sets, bouncers, board games and other toys that are in good condition can be sold in a number of places. Kids consignment stores will pay you cash for items in good condition. You can also list them online or sell them in a garage sale. Just clean them up, make sure they are still in working condition and get them sold to free yourself from debt.


Many people have some kind of extra vehicle that could be sold to pay off debt. Be it a boat, motorcycle or a broken down old car, you can get a significant amount of money. Check Kelly Blue Book to see how much your vehicle is worth and try to sell it yourself rather than going to a dealer that will not pay you a fair price. Don’t overlook a vehicle just because it is not salvageable either. You can always sell an old car or motorcycle for scrap metal or parts and get several hundred dollars in return.

So when you are trying to free yourself of debt, don’t forget about the power of selling unwanted items. Electronics, furniture, toys, clothes and vehicles are all excellent things to sell to get rid of debt. This list is just a start though. No matter what you have to sell, there is almost always someone who is willing to pay something for it. So keep looking around your home and start placing price tags on anything you no longer want or need. You will be surprised how quickly these little things can add up and pay off your bills.


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