How to Use Ceramic Tile in Your Bathroom Remodel

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Ceramic tile is a durable and cost-conscious material that has been popular in homes for decades. Many people, however, only consider this material in very few areas of the home. With its durability and good looks, ceramic tile actually makes a diverse enough material to use in almost every aspect of your bathroom remodel. So if you are looking for a great material that will withstand the test of time, why not look to ceramic tile to redo your bathroom with.

Look of Ceramic Tile

In order to remodel a bathroom with ceramic tile, you must first choose the look of the tile you want. Ceramic tile can come in a varity of looks and colors. Your choices range from plain white, to colorfully painted, to manufactured to look like stone. If you would like, you can actually use a variety of types of ceramic tile in the same bathroom. For example, you could keep your bathtub surround in a standard white while getting a neutral stone pattern for your flooring, the choice is yours.


One of the most obvious ways to use ceramic tile in your bathroom remodel is to use it as your new flooring. Ceramic tile is durable and can be installed yourself, which makes it a practical choice for your floors. Stick to a medium-toned, neutral color if you are planning one selling your home in the near future. This type of ceramic tile has a broad appeal which makes it a perfect choice when selling your home.


When it comes to your countertop, you can be a little more bold with your color choice. Since your countertop is a smaller surface, you can create a small pattern or go with a darker color than you would your floor. However, if you want to go with a safe option, putting the same tile you used on your flooring on your countertop will guarantee a pulled together look.

Bathtub Surround

The next place you are going to want to use ceramic tile in your bathroom remodel is in your tub or shower surround. You have several different options available to you but because the bathtub is a small space, it is best to stay away from dark color. For those looking for a clean and classic look in their bathrooms, white ceramic tile is a great option. For a more natural look, stick to a tile with a stone print. Otherwise, stay within the color scheme you have already started in your room.

By using these tips, you can bring ceramic tile into several areas of your bathroom remodel without it looking over done. You can mix different colors and styles or keep a uniform look, the choice is up to you. Whatever you choose to do, you can rest assured knowing that you will likely be happy with this material for years to come.


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