Indoor Cats & Hairball Remedies

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I’ve had many cats over the years.  All of them have had delightful and no so delightful, different personalities.  The one thing they all had in common is the lack of vegetation during the winter months.  One of my cats would eat anything green indoors during the winter.  Maybe that’s why she lived to be 21.  Although, there were times I wondered how she’d live past the ever disturbed houseplants and dirt strewn on my white living room carpet each day.  That’s the life of a cat.

If your indoor cats won’t eat the home-grown, store-bought grass, try giving them a little olive oil in their wet or dry food.  Olive oil is great directly on human hair as a hot oil treatment, but not directly on the cat’s hair.  Think of that sitting on your white couch!

You can also try putting butter on a piece of white bread.  They will lick the butter off, while some will actually eat the entire bread and butter together.  Without being graphic, the olive oil and the butter act the same way the over-the-counter hairball remedies work.  It’s far less costly, and usually readily available in your kitchen.  Again, the 21-year old ate the hairball remedies also.  The others run away screaming and hissing.  With the butter and olive oil, they just run after us screaming for more.


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