How to Update a Bathtub Without Replacing it

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Old, odd colored bathtubs can quickly bring down the look of a bathroom. However, the cost and inconvenience of replacing it keeps many homeowners from being able to enjoy the look of a new bathtub. With a few simple tricks, you can make your bathtub feel brand new without actually having to replace it.

Change Out the Shower Curtain

Too many people do not realize that their old shower curtain is actually making their bathtub look worse than it actually is. For around $20 you can get an updated shower curtain to tie any color bathtub in with the rest of your bathroom. The right choice in color scheme can actually make a pink bathtub look like it belongs in a room, instead of being an eyesore.

Paint it

If you are living with a olive, pink or blue colored bathtub, you can actually change the color without replacing it. There are paint kits available at local home improvement stores that are specifically designed to change a bathtubs color; typically to white. Many companies change $200 or more to do this job. However, if you have the patients to do it yourself, you can save a large chunk of that. Many people are also using this same technique to change the color of the tiles around their bathtub as well.

Replace the Hardware

Dingy or dated hardware is yet another way that a bathtub can feel old and dated. Many people are afraid of replacing these fixtures because they are afraid of doing it themselves. Depending on the extent of the job, it may only cost $100 to pay someone to do it for you. To make up for this cost, use a few simple ways to save money on purchasing the new hardware. Buy the hardware on clearance, with a coupon and purchase a discounted gift card. Doing these three things can easily save you 30%-50% off the cost of your hardware.

If replacing the hardware is not in the budget, you also have the option of painting your existing hardware a different color. Use metallic spray paint to give you a brand new look for much less than replacing your old hardware. Just make sure that the hardware is clean and has been lightly sanded so the new paint sticks.

Using these three simple tricks can allow you to update the look of your bathtub without having to go through the cost and hassle of replacing it. Simply paint, replace and change out to get the look of a complete remodel. In the end, you should have a new looking bathtub that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


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