How to Shop Using a Debit Card

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For decades, a check was the only way to remotely make a purchase using the money in your checking account. With today’s advances in technology, you can now shop using a debit card and have that same checking account access without picking up a pen. This makes it a convenient and time saving way to make the everyday purchases you need.

Order a Debit Card

Obviously, if you do not have a debit card, then you cannot shop with one. So, if you do not have a debit card yet, go ahead and order one from the bank where you have your checking account. Often times you can just call or visit your local bank to request one. Another option, if you like the digital approach, is to go to your banks website and log into your account. There is typically an option to request a new debit card from their site.

Check for the Logo

Once you get your debit card in the mail, check it to see if it has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it. This logo mean that it is backed by one of these credit card companies. This means that your debit card can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. Since these two companies are the most widely accepted form of payment, having one of these logos on your debit card will allow you to use it almost anywhere.

Find What the Store will Accept

Before you try to make a purchase, ask an associate what type of payment methods they accept. If “credit cards” are one of the option they list, be sure to ask which brands of cards are accepted. So long as they accept the brand that is on your debit card, you can continue with your purchase.

Swipe your Card and Enter your Pin

Now all you have to do is swipe your debit card using the credit card machine provided and enter your four-digit pin number that was provided to you by your bank. If you do not know your pin, see if you can run your debit card as “credit” instead. This will allow you to sign for your purchase instead of having to enter a pin number.

That is it! You are done! Continue to purchase items using your debit card as you need to. Just remember, a debit card is attached to your checking account. So whatever you spend using your debit card will be deducted from that account. If you do not have the money in your checking account for a purchase, then save yourself the overdraft fee and wait to buy it.


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