Discover What Causes Navy Seal Personals Tough

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It’s not easy so that you can become a Navy SEAL. It involves absolute strength, perseverance and also a Navy SEALs training session that is labeled as ‘Hell Week’! Every aspiring Navy SEAL must take a complete physical tests and after that numerous rigorous workout schedules are conducted.

1. Physical Screening Test

This is the mandatory requirement for all the aspiring Navy SEALs, It is so difficult to complete this specific test that every candidates are nearly always out of breath after doing that! Firstly the Navy SEAL will need to swim a length of 500 yards with breast or side stroke within 12.5 minutes. This is pursued by a 10 minute rest after which 42 push-ups should be carried out in 2 minutes! After having a brief 2 minutes break, they will need to do fifty sit ups in just 2 minutes once again followed by a two minute break. After this a sequence of 6 pull-ups have to be carried out. This is pursued by a 10 minute rest and next 1.5 miles has to be run through within 11.5 minutes. These are the least tests required to analyze a Navy SEALs fitness level.

2. The training sessions

When the candidate has finished the physical screening test next comes a strict set of training sessions. Navy SEALs exercise and training contains 3 levels. The starting is a twenty-five week program of standard marine demolition. This will be pursued by a four week extreme training on military parachute. After that the third stage involves a nineteen week program of SEAL qualification training. In comparison with other courses the Navy SEAL training consists of 11 months and hence is one of the lengthiest in the world! It is also said to be the most challenging as the Navy SEALs fitness levels are checked as well as need to stay in fabulous status to overcome these physical tests.

Considering all of those points mentioned above, the Navy SEALs are likely to have great physical shape and capabilities when compared with ordinary people. That’s the reason many individuals wish to have similar fitness like the Navy SEALs. The problem is not every person could have a chance to access the Navy SEAL workout courses except if they join the Navy.

No need to get frustrated, since right now there are lots of exercise programs uniquely created for you to construct your physical shape and ability just like you train using the actual Navy SEAL workout routine. You will be able to obtain these kind of workout programs on the web with a variety of training levels to choose from. You can have a go with the beginner level to find out whether it suits you good enough, and if you feel that it’s the type of exercise you are looking for you can try the higher level to the maximum Navy SEAL exercise routine.


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