Toy Trains For All Ages

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Toy Trains for All Ages 

                Toy trains are arguably one of the most famous toys for kids around the world today. Toy trains have been up and running and making people smile since the early 19thcentury. Toy trains went from metal and wood scraps to today’s wonderful contraptions with running engines. And if you thought that toy trains are only for little kids, you thought very wrong. In fact, adults can also play or collect these amazing toys. Additionally, adults can create a toy train table in order for them to properly display their wonderful collection. If you are not even contented with running your train on a small table, you can certainly turn a whole room into a toy train model wonderland.

                Since the 19thcentury, toy train models have been fascinating people. Originally made of wood and cast iron, the earliest toy train models were not able to run on their own. They needed external force to move. Meaning, they were pushed and pulled, or run down a slope in order for people to see them in real action. They did not even have a train rail to go with the train itself. But you seldom see toy trains without a rail today. Why is this? German doll house specialist, Marklin, modernized toy train models. In the 19thcentury where the “Doll” phenomenon for girls was raging, Marklin thought it was best to create a hit toy for the boys. And so the rediscovery of toy trains began.

                From a single train compartment without a rail, toy trains became more complete and realistic. Marklin found a way to sell boxed train sets and accessories. When you first buy your toy train, the boxed set contains a unique train machine and its very own railway. However, the track that came with the set is just short. So you would want to buy additional tracks if you wanted to see your train run longer rounds since Marklin also sold additional train tracks. Moreover, if you wanted your track to look more realistic and have buildings and trees and landscapes around it, you could also buy these accessories from Marklin. This was the inspiration for modern train sets.

                However, it was not at all an easy climb to the top by our favourite toy. The 1950’s have shown a challenge to toy trains. During this time, the consumers somehow lost interest in the toy and toy train sales went down to a very low level which almost threatened bankruptcy for prominent toy train models manufacturer. Luckily, the appearance of Thomas the Tank Engine in the Railway Series books by Rev. W. Awdry and his own son, Christopher, brought the toy train model industry back to life and popularity.

                Today’s toy train models are still popular. Most of the train models sold on the market today have their very own engines and train tracks. Some of which have semi-scale model buildings, scaled down versions of famous landmarks around the world, realistic toy models of famous landscapes, and even toy people. The technological advancement also affected toy trains. Today, some toy trains have the capability of producing electronic sounds and realistic smoke steam effects. Modern toy trains are also run by electricity via battery. Some even more expensive trains for the people who are willing to spend a good amount of money on toys give users a feel of how driving a train is. These trains have a camera at the front and are hooked to a television or a monitor where a person sees a miniature version of a real railroad and are controlled with a remote controller.

                The fact that it can be controlled by a remote controller and that you can design your own railroad makes it ideal for adults. Kids are not the only ones allowed to play toy trains. Adults can also have their own fair share of fun. Adults can build and design their own railroad and display their master creation in their house for everyone to see. There are also collector’s item toy trains which are a bit on the expensive side but are very beautiful and are worth the money. Additionally, adults can build a whole table of famous sceneries as the train’s main road.

Moreover, if you are not contented with a small table for your railroad, you can fill a whole room with train tracks and accessories. In fact, you can build your own miniature railroad. The world’s largest miniature railroad is currently being built in Hamburg, Germany. The currently finished portion of the massive miniature project is composed of 700 trains, 4,000 miniature automobiles, 2,800 buildings, 165,000 miniature trees, 250,000 individual lights, and with a track length of 5.6 miles. The masterpiece is named “Miniature Wunderland”. It was even reported that Marklin’s $500 Big Boy train model, the world’s largest model of steam locomotive, was included in the list of locomotives in the huge train track. It has now cost more than $1.8 million and is expected to be finished in 2014 with a 13 miles railroad track. It is really expensive, so for most of you who is not willing to spend millions on toy trains, then there is a do-it-yourself simple toy train tables.

Toy train tables sold in the market, though small, when properly decorated and made, can surely be a hit and beauty. A simple table with room enough for the decorations and the track, a budget of no more than $500, and a creative mind; you can surely build your own railroad masterpiece. Plus, you can also take this time to involve the whole family to build the track faster and at the same time enjoy family bonding.

Now, most people think that toy trains are only for kids who like to play with wheels. But they are seriously wrong, proven by the fact that there are expensive collector’s item trains sold. No kid has a big enough allowance to buy him an expensive toy train. This further proves the point that, no matter the age, toy trains are a hit.


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