Addicting Games: The Fun And Their Negative Impacts

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These are developed in order to help people get entertainment during their free time. But these games have their own negative impacts on people, once people start getting addicted to the games. This prevailing negative impact is effecting a lot of people around the world. A lot of people are wasting their valuable time in gaming which is a really big loss.

No matter what people get addicted to, it is always a loss for them. It is a big problem and even though people know it. they ignore it completely. Getting addicted to games is no worse than getting addicted to drugs, alchohol or other harmful materials of that kind. 

They all have their negative impacts like unnecessary expenditure, brain damage to name a few. Taking addicting games as our point of view, we can confidently say that many people spend a large portion of their time and money in computer games. They might be playing their games all day long without even noticing the loss of valuable time. 

Other important life activities like school, work, family are missed out. A large portion of money is also spent on games which could have been used for better pirposes. These are some of the extremely harmful effects of addiction to games.

When gamers spend too much time and money on games, the addiction begins. Furthermore this addiction is facilitated by the release of newer, advanced and fun games every now and then. Games themselves require a very high budget and a long period of time to develop, but they are released every once in a while due to the fact that their demand is high. 

This demand is created by gamers who spend their time buying and completing every new game that is released. So, in the market there are lots of games to choose from and a single person can spend years playing only some of those. This is a big loss of time and people fail to realize it and those who realize it, just ignore it. A lot in life is missed out this way.

Pondering on the gaming world we can find games of different types, From massively played multiplayer games to single player games, there are thousands of games everywhere. Furthermore, there are gaming communities which act like a joint where gamers discover, learn and talk about playing games, All these are facilitating the addiction to games. 

There are people who spend 10 hours or even more daily in gaming. When such large amount of time is spent in gaming, only a few is left for other activities. Every year billions of dollars and billions of cummulative hours are spend on games. There are also games for kids which are generally provided for free. 

These kids start gaming at an early age and once they grown up, they will still have the same habit; but the only difference is that they will be able to pay for games. So there will always be generations and generations of addicted gamers.

The blame on people getting addicted to games go on themselves only, as they are the ones who do not have self-control. The games themselves are also partly responsible but if the people knew the value of time and only played these games in free useless time then it would have been a perfect world. 

So the gamers should understand this and only play games in leisure time. Recreation is totally important but it should be done in a controlled manner. So people already addicted to games should fix their lives and only play games for recreational purposes. 

This way will help the proper utilization of valuable time. So, addictionto games is bad and people should understand it.


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