How To Keep Warm on a Raw Food Diet

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I’ve just gotta be honest.  Being a raw foodist during the winter can really suck sometimes.  The summer sunshine is long gone, along with all the beautifully ripe fruits and veggies.

You head over to your local grocery store looking for some ripe fruit and all you find are rows and rows of green as grass bananas and rock-hard, out-of-season melons and mangoes.

Some days I could almost kill someone for just one ripe Red Haven peach.


But the worst part about a winter gone raw?

It’s @*#&$^% cold!

As a raw foodist, one of the biggest issues you will come across is staying warm.

To help deal with the chilliness, most raw foodists try bundling up in clothing and blankets and sipping warm water.  Many “raw” gurus out there even advocate eating steamed veggies and warmed broths to warm up.

Nonsense, I say!

You don’t need layers and layers of underwear and you CERTAINLY don’t need cooked food to keep warm.

There is a completely raw, completely easy, and completely effective way to keep warm on a raw food diet and you can bet your ice cold caboose I’m gonna give ya the scoop!

Oh yeah…and it’s completely free, too! 😀

Break a Sweat

Sorry couch potatoes, but the best way to beat the winter blues is to exercise.

Sure, you can take a hot shower, or put on some thermal underwear, or drink some warm water…

But these tactics take FOREVER and usually have fleeting results.

Taking a shower feels great.  So great, in fact, that I don’t want to leave.  I end up wasting a lot of hot water just standing around and by the time I step out of the tub, I’m ice cold again!

Instead, I recommend moving your body.  And I don’t mean a full 60 minutes of intense exercise…since I know you’re doing that already. 😉

I mean just a few minutes of simple bodyweight exercises (i.e. push-ups, mountain climbers, pull-ups, squats, etc.)

Here’s a simple Calisthenics routine that I like to do:

  • Jogging in place, 30 seconds

  • 50 jumping jacks

  • 10 push-ups

  • 10 mountain climbers

  • 10 body squats/calf raises combo (you squat, do a calf raise and repeat)

I usually run through this 2-3 times to get my heart rate up a little bit.  It only takes a few minutes to perform and by the end of the routine, I’m super toasty for hours on end!

There’s no exact science here.  For instance, if I happen to be a little sore from weight training the day before, I’ll just stick to aerobic moves like jogging in place, football runs, and jumping jacks.

Just pick your favorite moves and get to work!

Besides warming up those frigid fingers and toes, I’m sure I don’t have to mention all the other benefits of exercise.  Even just a few brief minutes of movement can have profound effects on your body AND mind.

It’s a total win-win!

Go raw, be fit, and warm up,



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