Raw Food Fallacy #4: Diet Does It All

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Today is the fourth and final post in my Raw Food Fallacy series. It’s a short one so hopefully you have time to give it a once over and leave your wonderfully raw response before heading off to spend time with family and friends.

And today’s fallacy is…

Diet Does It All

Many raw food gurus treat diet as the end-all-be-all to a healthy body while paying little attention to (or flat-out ignoring) other factors such as exercise, sleep, and sunshine.

Raw food is seen as a miracle cure. All you have to do is eat a raw food diet and you’ll be healthy.

Yes, it’s true that what you eat plays a huge role in your health.

And with the current state of mainstream health and fitness (or lack there of), the vast majority of people can drastically improve their health by simply cutting out damaging foods like refined sweets, dairy, and meat and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Heck, cutting out sugary soft drinks alone can make a huge difference!

But there are several other factors to health that are just as important. I’ve already mentioned exercise, sleep, and sunshine, but there’s also fresh air, clean water, and a comfortable living environment. Even your relationships with others play a role in your overall well-being.

You cannot expect to experience your true health potential if you are ignoring any one of these factors.

Diet Does A Lot, But Not All

If you want to be healthy, you definitely need to eat a healthy diet. But all the fresh fruit and veggies in the world can’t make up for lack of sleep, too little sunshine, too much stress, or a sedentary lifestyle.

So eat well, exercise, get some sleep, and be healthy!

Go raw and be fit,


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