Raw Food Fallacy #1: If It's Raw, It's Healthy

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If you’re familiar with my other articles, then you know that I talk a lot about the popular fad “Hollywood” raw food diet and its inherent problems. I’ve written extensively about how unhealthy the mainstream high-fat diet is why it leads to so many health problems among its followers.

Unfortunately, there’s still more to be said! 😯

To continue the crusade for healthy raw foods, I want to talk a bit more about raw food fallacies. I’ve determined four fallacious beliefs that are spread far and wide within the raw food movement.

Following these beliefs will surely put you on the path of raw food failure so I think it’s about time we squashed these major mistakes, don’t you?

Then let’s kick this series off with the first fallacy:

If It’s Raw, It’s Healthy

Yes, it’s true that the best diet is a 100% raw one. You definitely don’t need to eat any cooked food if you want to be healthy.

However, this does not mean that you should eat any and all food that happens to be raw. Just because a food is in its natural state does NOT mean it is healthy for you to eat.

I mean, what about poison sumac? It’s definitely raw so does that automatically mean we should ingest it?

Goodness no!

Okay, obviously no raw gurus are going around advocating eating poisonous plants. But what about popular raw food items like Braggs Liquid Aminos, “raw” cacao, and hot peppers that I talked about here and here?

Given my three simple rules for choosing healthy foods from last week…

  1. It must be health promoting.

  2. It must be non-toxic.

  3. It must be whole

…it’s pretty clear that none of these foods are healthy.

Braggs is nothing but water-retaining salt, the caffeine in cacao wears out your adrenals, and the capsaicin in hot peppers burns your hands and mouth (among other *ahem* places).

If It’s Healthy, It’s Raw

All healthy foods are raw, but not all raw foods are healthy.

Believe me, it would be easy if you could just eat any and all raw foods and be healthy. But this just isn’t the case.

If you want to experience optimal health, you need to be a bit more discriminating and choose foods that are not only raw, but health promoting, non-toxic, and in their whole and truly raw state.

Go raw and be fit,



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