Dried Nuts on a Raw Food Diet

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If you’ve read my article on dried fruit, then you know that dried fruits like dates and raisins are perfectly acceptable (in moderation) on a healthy raw vegan diet.

“In moderation” is really the key here. The emphasis should be on *fresh* water-rich fruits and vegetables, not their dried counterparts.

But what about dried nuts? Should they be eaten on a healthy raw food diet? If so, where do they fit in?

Should You Eat Dried Nuts?


Just kidding. Dried nuts are totally fine on a healthy raw food diet. 😉

But of course, there’s a tiny stipulation…

How Much Can I Eat?

Although mainstream media, medicine, and raw foodism will have you believe otherwise, it’s important to remember that nuts are high in fat.

They are not the high-protein, energy-sustaining food that nutritionists and marketers alike promote them to be.

For instance, take one ounce of pecans. According to www.nutridiary.com, an ounce of pecans contains 195 calories, of which 87% comes from fat and only 5% from protein.

That means at 8%, pecans are actually more carbohydrate-rich than they are protein-rich!

Here’s another example. 1 ounce of brazil nuts contains 186 calories, 85% from fat and 8% from protein.

As you can see, nuts are not a high protein food, but a HIGH FAT food. And given thedangers of a high-fat diet, fatty foods should always be kept to a minimum

This generally means no more than 1-2 ounces or 1-2 tablespoons of nuts per day, depending upon your caloric intake.

So that’s it! You can totally eat dried nuts as part of your healthy raw food diet. Just remember that nuts are a high-fat food and should be eaten in small amounts (think a single small handful as opposed to a full bowl or bag).

And don’t forget that nuts should be consumed on their own or with vegetable matter, not with sweet fruits.

Go raw and be fit,



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