Distorted Images, Once Again & Severed Scars

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Distorted images form in the concentric ripples of life,

While lust, love and loss flow from homo sapien emotions;

Confusion and frustration journey through tunnels of the subconscious mind,

Returning always to the birth of each image;

Eluding the reality, whilst embalming the corpse of obsession

In the penetrative passion of chemistry.


Once Again fooled by the villains guise,

We search his nonchalant facade for a reason to continue;

We offer our volatile love only for it to ricochet

and return to maim our grimace;

Camouflaged is our arid acceptance in pretended joy;

Feelings of exploitation and humiliation dwell

when debris of his factitious love,

wash our eyes.


Severed scars in the subconscious abyss

fight to escape the past abomination,

Obsolete Emotions

Paralysis of love…

A flimsy flickering,

An embryo newly formed,

A sceptical birth,

A fragile existance…

Definitions of contradictory sensations of prevailing self-contained defensiveness,

yet, Unveiling vulnerability…

An explanation beyond all human understanding

As the brittle chanting melody, once again,

disrupts the pulse of life, but establishes and abode oblivious to all creation…

The duration,

A brief interval.


Well, these were my first three. Been in my book, in a box, in a cupboard for all these years. Hope you enjoyed. H


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