Weightlifting at Home Vs. Going to The Gym

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Many young men and even women try to enhance their looks as much as possible by doing weightlifting. They usually choose one of two basic approaches. The more popular one is to go to the gym. However, some people rather train at home. Both approaches have their positives and negatives.

Weightlifting at home


1) It is much cheaper in the long run considering that you only need to buy some barbells. Even investing into some additional equipment will save you money over the time.

2) You will usually save some time too. A trip to the gym usually costs you some of your free time, especially when the nearest gym is several kilometers away. Of course, this is not the case if you stop by on your way home from work.

3) You can listen to what ever music you want during the workout.

4) Nothing stands between you and picking up the important phone call or taking over the awaited delivery.

5) Forgetting to bring some of your workout clothes is next to impossible.

6) No one stands in your way and you stand in no one’s way. This is a very important thing if you are a lone wolf like me.


1) Weightlifting at home is more risky. There are fewer or no people around you to help you in case of an injury.

2) No one is there to tell you what you are doing wrong and give you some good advice.

3) Fear of possible embarrassment is virtually missing thus your motivation suffers often leading to feeble output.

Weightlifting at gym


1) Other people motivate you. Most of us fear being embarrassed in front of others. This fear is important. It usually motivates people towards better performances.

2) You will usually get help fast. People sometimes get injured during their workout. Everybody at the gym knows that and is willing to help you or at least call somebody who will.

3) You can chat with your friend(s) during the workout and even find new friends.

4) There are plenty of attractive people of both genders who can become interested in you.

5) Equipment for pretty much any type of exercise you might want to do is usually available at the gym.

6) More experienced weightlifters will often happily share their knowledge with you.


1) It usually costs a lot. Actually, when I sum the cost of my barbells, it is about the same as 20-30 entries into the gym in my area. That is just few weeks of workouts at the gym opposed to life-time of workouts with my own barbells.

2) Trip to the gym will usually cost you a lot of time and sometimes even additional money for the transportation.

3) You have to listen to whatever they are playing at the gym. The music is usually very loud too.

4) Chances are that machines and barbells you want to use will be taken thus the need to wait.

To conclude, as you can see both approaches to weightlifting have their positives and negatives. Neither the home workouts nor workouts at the gym are perfect for everybody. The choice needs to be done by individual aspiring weightlifters according to their preferences and possibilities.


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