How to Make Conscious Decisions, to be Successful?

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* Introspection is the key to consciousness.

* Consciousness is the key to the right decision.

* The right decision is the key to success.

You have to make decisions in every step you take, through your success. Your decisions should be made consciously, to be right. You make decisions in your daily life subconsciously but these decisions are not so important that they don’t have a big affect on your life.

When it comes to decisions for your success, you must make the decisions consciously. You must use your introspection ability to make conscious decisions. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have introspective abilities.

A team of researchers found that introspective abilities are correlated with the amount of grey matter, the structure of white matter and the link between them, in the brain. So, it seems that introspective abilities are genetic.

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What are the differences between people according to their introspective abilities?

There are two groups of people. Some of them are really sure about their decisions and they don’t change their minds easily. Some of them can’t be sure about their decisions and they tend to change their minds even if their decisions are right.

In the first group, people know that, they have made the right decision because they trust their introspection. How do they make their decisions?

  • First they think about the subject they need to decide and analyze it

  • They focus on the choices they have and figure out opportunities

  • Then, they turn their focus inside and think about their own thinking. They try to find out gaps and full these, if there are any.

  • After analyzing their thinking through decision making process, they make their decisions.

So, if you can use introspection while making your decisions, why should you change your decision? You did everything to be sure about it. Of course that doesn’t mean, if you have introspection ability, you can always make the right decision. Right decisions, can be different for each of us. Besides, introspective abilities are linked with the structure of your brain. You may use introspection, but maybe, it cannot be enough.

On the other hand, second group of people cannot use introspection. It’s like they are making decisions subconsciously. They seem to have no idea about their decision making abilities. Unless you know, you have abilities, you cannot use them. How do they make their decisions?

  • First they think about the subject they need to decide and analyze it

  • They focus on the choices they have and figure out opportunities

  • But, they can’t focus inside and think about their thinking. They accept the decisions they made and they don’t try to examine their thinking using introspection.

How can the tendency to change decisions effect your success?

If you can never be sure of your decisions, this means you are wide open to others thoughts. You trust others’ decisions more than yours. You give them the power to decide for you. Unfortunately, their decisions will be based on their rights and their goals for you. Final decision may not take you to your own goals. This doesn’t mean that you should never get advice, but before asking for help you must be sure about your decisions and you should use these advices to fill in the gaps. The advices shouldn’t change your decisions 100% and lead you to a goal that you don’t want.

What can you do to improve your introspection?

Introspection seems to be genetic, so we can only be as conscious as we were given. Although researchers are still searching for the biology of conscious thought, we can get some help from an ancient discipline, meditation.

There are different types of meditation and each has effects on your overall well-being and life satisfaction. Central practice of Insight Meditation is sustaining attention.  A research which is about Buddhist Insight Meditation showed that; regular meditation is associated with increased grey matter, which is what you need to improve your introspective abilities.

If there is a chance to improve your introspection and directly your decision making, you should learn how to meditate. Besides, you can have much more than you expect from meditation. Actually, meditation should be a part of your daily life. You’ll notice the differences on your mental and physical health and these together will help you become more successful.

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