Kids Should be Kids

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I saw one of the most awful sights today. I was walking along the road on my way to the post office and I saw a young girl of roughly 7 years old. And she had on a T-shirt that said in bright pink letters “Your Boyfriend Wants Me” 
I would never normally dream of telling anyone what their children can wear, but what the hell was her mother thinking?  Letting her daughter stroll around with “Your Boyfriend Wants Me” emblazoned across her chest.

And it’s not just the mother, what in God’s name was the T-shirt company doing even manufacturing such filth for a child as young as that? How are they getting away with it? 

Answer. Because it’s everywhere. Everywhere you look you see something being sold to children that should never have made it to the shelves in  million years.

Padded bras for six year olds are being sold in one of Britain’s biggest discount clothing stores And as if that wasn’t stomach churning enough, they have also been found to sell children’s underwear with two cherries on and the slogan “eat me” These panties went right down to age 6.

It’s revolting. What kid of message are they sending to our children? That it is okay to act like a “grown up” even if it is a morally questionable one despite the fact that you are six, maybe seven years old?

And what message are they sending to the paedophiles of this world? I’ll tell you what message they are sending ”Come and get it” 

And if you were thinking of opening up a paper or a magazine to make yourself feel better then don’t bother. Because the chances are you will see a half naked 18 year old trying to sell some youthful perfume or body spray to a child.

And for those of you that say advertisers need to make money. I agree, they certainly do. But they do not need to do so at the expense of the safety and morality of our children.  Are they so desperate t make a profit that they are willing to rob children of their childhood?

Kids are growing up faster I hear you cry. No they’re not. That’s just it. They’re not growing up, they are not mature enough to understand some of the things that they are looking at. But because of the sheer force with which they are bombarded, they have no choice but to take it in. And as we all know, all it takes is one or two impressionable kids to say they like it for it to become “cool” 

These kids are not growing up, they are simply growing old before their time.

Childhood is short and precious so I implore every parent out there to make the most of it and let your children do the same.


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