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Writing is a very creative career, but not everyone enjoys all parts of the craft. Putting thoughts down, constructing the perfect opinion piece, or doing hours of search to help people better understand something is part of the game, but so is editing and proofreading. Some writers love the creative part of writing, but they absolutely hate to proofread. If you are good with spelling, grammar, and how to form a good article or paper, but you hate to actually write them, you may find that proofreading jobs online are a great way to make some extra money.

Many writers do their own editing, but when they have important things to write and if these things are going on a very high traffic web site, they want to be extra sure that everything is as it should be. When your proof your own work, you can easily miss things. That is why many of them like to offer up proofreading jobs online for people that can help them proof what they have done. They know the value of an extra pair of eyes. Staring at the same thing and reading it over and over again makes one immune to their own mistakes when someone else can find them quite easily.

There are a few tools that you are going to need in order to get proofreading jobs online. First of all, you need a good computer. You probably already have one, but if it is very old, you may want to upgrade. A slow system will slow down how quickly you can work, and many of the writers who may contact you are going to want quick turnaround. They have deadlines to meet. You also need a fast Internet connection. A fast computer will not do you much good if you have to download a file for ten minutes that would take ten seconds on a quick connection.

You also have to have some space at home to work. This means a quiet area where you will not be disturbed to work on your proofreading jobs online. As you know, going over pages of text is something you can only do with full concentration. Otherwise, you may as well give it up right away. If you have children, you must have a space where you can go to work where you know you will not be disturbed. It can be hard if you live in a small place though. If that is the case for you, you may have to work after the kids have gone to bed. Proofreading as a career or as part time work requires near perfection.

If you still feel that proofreading jobs online are for you, you have more options than just writers. Many web sites hire writers, but also hire proofreaders to double and even triple check what they are going to put up on their sites. Proofreaders are also needed in local venues, so see what you can find in your area. Students in high school and even in college may want to have an extra set of eyes for important papers, so put an advertisement in your local paper and at local colleges. You may get some work that way as well.


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