What Is Your Sales Strategy?

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There are very few things that sell themselves. Granted, if someone really, really wants something, they are going to go out and buy. Even then, there are always choices. They may be determined to get a flat screen television, but they then have to choose among the various choices they are confronted with when they get to the store, or when they find a website and shop online. You have to have a good sales strategy to get that sale. You don’t have to be an expert on sales, but you do have to go into it with a plan.

Some people do well with the pushy sales strategy that you may encounter when someone is very aggressive. Though this can work with some people who are more meek and thoughtful in personality, those that also have a strong personality may not respond well to this type of sales strategy. This is definitely hit and miss. There are some people that like to be left entirely alone until they have made some preliminary choices on their own and have questions about what they are considering. If you use a pushy sales tactics, you may lose customers.

On the other hand, those that like to be left alone require a different type of sales strategy all together. They are the people that do not like to be pushed and are aware of the many tricks people use to try to talk them into buying something they really don’t need or do not want. They like to look for themselves and then ask questions once they get closer to choosing what they want. For these folks, introduce yourself and tell them you will be happy to help them when they are ready for assistance. You may have to go between the two types of sales strategy as you read each customer.

Sales strategies online are a bit different. You are not standing in the same physical location with someone who may be on your web site to buy something. There are a few things you can do to get them to buy. First, make your site attractive. A poor looking site is going to turn off customers because they may fear that their information is not secure. Make sure you supply a secure server for ordering and offer payment options that are common, like PayPal and credit cards.  Familiar means safe to many, so see what you have to do to get the most common payment options on your web site.

You can also use benefits for sales strategy. This means when they buy something, they are also getting something else. These things may not seem like much, but when someone is shopping online, they want a deal. This many mean that you can offer a percentage off on special items, just like in a retail store. You can also offer free or discounted shipping and handling costs. A program where they can earn extras will bring them back to your website time and time again. It’s not quite as easy to use a sales strategy when selling online, but you can make sales with simple incentives for your customers.


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