Can You Really Get One of Those Work From Home Travel Agent Ids And Travel And Luxury For Next to Nothing?

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Just one of these days I’d like to see a website pitch me a real high-priced “outsider deal” that no self-respecting shopper would ever touch. No, I’m not out of my mind; I’m just tired of how they keep advertising “special insider deals just for me” all the time. For instance, just the other day I got an e-mail from some travel know-all who proposed that I pay $250 for special travel deals that only travel agents (the ultimate insiders) could ever get. Was this for real, or was this one of those famous scams? I’d say that it was just barely legWhat they call this is, a “card mill”. What they do is, they sign you up as a work-from-home travel agent. They issue you your industry ID, and sign you up for all the affiliations that any real travel agency would have. But they only do this so that you can get special travel deals for yourself that only legit travel agents get. As soon as you’re done with getting the discounts that you’re interested in, you can happily give your membership up. The travel agencies that sell these propositions keep churning out phantom work-from-home travel agent memberships to as many any people as they can persuade, and they do good business. If they ever charge you $500 for your membership though, you’ll know that they’ve broken the law. Anything under this, is just about legal.

As a work-from-home travel agent, you do actually gets to take care of the travel needs of all your friends and relatives, and reap commissions. Of course, the people who try to sell you the deal oversell the value of it all. You can’t actually make thousands of dollars in commissions as they claim. Airlines offer almost no commissions to travel agents these days, and hotel commissions aren’t that great either. Most people are just able to go buy there travel needs on the Internet; if they do need a real travel agent, they probably need someone with in-depth knowledge of the place they’re going to, and the ability to solve problems for them. None of this sounds like it could bring you thousands of dollars in easy profits, now does it? However, is there at least one part of truth to their claims when they sell you your ID? Do you get wonderful unheard-of discounts on your own travel needs at least?

This claim is something you need to take with a grain of salt. The hotel companies are completely aware of how people turn themselves into a work-from-home travel agent for a personal discount. Most hotels will only offer you their huge discounts if you sell at least $100,000 worth of travel each year. These days even real travel agents can’t muster those kinds of figures and travel cheaply. But there are some places that still honor your work-from-home travel agent ID, and give you perhaps 60% off. But if you look closely, those hotels are probably offering those discounts to anyone who walks in just the same.

People have to go on believing the things. Even if they’ve been told from the day they were born that you never get something for nothing. When you look more closely into anything, you’ll see that what they offer you his theoretical. What you pay them though is completely real.


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