Lady Gaga Icon For Gay Community

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Lady Gaga has become a true icon for the gay community. Many pop stars and singers have come solid musical anchors for gays and lesbians, typical music that drives and bonds their togetherness.

Before Lady Gaga we had icons like Gloria Gaynor, Modern Talking Bronski Beat, Boy George, George Michael and many others. Not their personality but their music is what connects the gays around the world. The lively music makes people dance and communicate at different levels.

The Grammy Award winning singer Lady Gaga born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a true symbol with hits as “Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, Chillin, Paparazzi, Telephone and Alejandro” she twist, twirls  and stirs up the hot summer nights and beach parties all around the globe. She writes her own lyrics and write the screen plays for the astounding videos. Her lyrics and videos have impacted the music industry like no other artist has done in the last 10 years. The gay community loves to identify themselves with high gloss stars like the Gaga.

Lady Gaga has been news all over the globe, her music and her appeareances have been highlighted on a daily bases in news papers, magazines and on TV. This week she appeared on the frontpage of Women’s Wear, but she had cover spreads in Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and many other high life magazines.


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