Make Time For Love

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Today I was listening to a cd of Fred Hammond talking about making time for love.  It made me sit back and listen to the words very carefully. Our life on this earth is short and we do not know if today is our last day. We take things for granted because the world is a busy place, just like the traffic in the world. The roads get so cluttered up you see no other routes to take some days. Our busy life’s keeps us from taking the time out that we need to address love. Let me break it down here. The word love is a very powerful word. In order for us to make time for love we have to get together, communicate, touch one another. The world that we live in makes us thinks that love is too hard. And so what happens is we don’t try hard enough to make things come about. We just go on with our busy life’s putting all kind of roadblocks up in the place of clearing the way for love to enter daily.

This is the foundation we have to build on God’s love and then spread that love around in our hearts and life’s.  And with this particular song it tells us that we need to be spending time together. Because life is a chaotic, crazy, and it takes its toll on us mentally and physically. Let’s start right now today and make time for love in our lives.


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