Garage Repair Shop

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Garage Repair Shop

Now a days many people use their basements as a garage repair shop for their automobiles and also for fixing other household items as it has been found that it is much cheaper to build and maintain a Garage Repair Shop at home rather to use a Commercial Garage Repair Shop frequently.  

Basically a Garage Repair Shop can be defined as the part of the house which is designed or used for storing vehicles and various other tools.

Popular types of Garage Repair Shops :

1)    The Up-and-Over Door : It’s a Single panel door which is usually constructed from one monolithic panel. Here a single panel door will move upwards and over the rails to denote the movement of the door from the closed position to the open position. A major disadvantage of using the Up-and-Over Door is that the doors open partially outside the Garage Repair Shop. Due to this it may hit a vehicle parked near the Garage Repair Shop. In order to avoid this the vehicle must stop at least a few feet away from the door when it is being opened. Briefly, it can be said that it is a single sectioned door which changes its angle by 90 degrees when pulled to the roof.

2)     The Sectional Door : It is one of the most popular door types. These doors are usually made up of about 6 to 8 panels. The space occupied by the Up-and-Over Door and the Sectional Door is almost equal. The Advantage of using The Sectional Door over the Up-and-Over Door is that no outside space is required by Sectional Doors to be opened and thus the vehicle may be stationed close to the Garage Repair Shop. It has also been observed that the Sectional Doors provide increased robustness and reliability when compared to other Doors.

3)     The Round and Corner Door : The Round and Corner is also known as the Side Sectional Door . Basically its functions the same as the Sectional Door. The only difference between the Sectional Door and The Round and Corner Door is that instead of moving vertically ( up and down ) like the Sectional Door the Round and Corner Door moves horizontally ( sideways ). The main purpose of using the Round and Corner Door instead of the Sectional Door is that it provides increases space optimization as there is no need for a roof when this type of Door is used.

4)     The Roller Garage Door : The Roller Garage Door is very similar to the Sectional Door. Basically it can be said that it is a Sectional Door with a lot more segments. Usually Corrugated Steel is used to construct a Roller Garage Door while other materials like vinyl, aluminium and wood are used to create other types of doors. The main feature of this door is that the Corrugated Steel provides the door with high resistance against impacts. Furthermore as there are a lot of sections in this type of doors the rolling mechanism includes a preloaded spring so that the effort of opening the door is minimized.


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