Florida Short Sale Secrets

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Retired Real Estate Investor/Broker/ Short Sale Expert …
Exposes Underground Trade-Industry Secrets –
One Simple Answer To A Complex Banking Problem
& How To Capitalize On The Crisis & Come Out A Winner!

…. Even In This Market!

A very Simple Answer to a Complex Banking Problem.

The Banks are facing a cataclysmic crisis situation and the government just made it even worse.

You’ve seen the headlines. FORECLOSURE-GATE

The foreclosure business is imploding from the “Foreclosure” signing scandal.

The biggest banks in the country have been forced to stop foreclosures and thereby creating a bottleneck like nothing America has ever seen.

From Insult to Injury …
First Toxic Loans – Now Toxic Foreclosures!

Give a whole new meaning to garbage in, garbage out doesn’t it?

Remember Rom Emanuel said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”
Well dear reader, he said it, and this is a lot worse than a crisis – this has all the fixins’ to become a catastrophe!

* Congress is holding investigative hearings
* Attorney Generals in every state are investigating illegal servicing and foreclosure practices.
* What a mess
* This has all the fixins’ of a real catastrophe.

This stunning debacle has spread throughout the country faster than a bat outa hell!

This mess is not just going to affect foreclosures, but all kind of defaults, especially short sales and REO’s (Real Estate Owned by banks).

REO’s – forget it. They will most likely be tied up for months if not years in the process of getting clear and marketable titles.

It’s hard to say exactly what will happen, but I know more than a few REO experts and they all believe the banks may be in for a blood bath like nothing we have ever seen.

They will need to sell the properties, but without clear title they will be stuck except for those people who have cash, can purchase the property and go through the tedious process of getting clear title. The time it takes to get clear title in Florida is 3 years.

Can you say “the gates are down,
the lights are on, but the trains not coming?”

What will happen to short sales?

…Glad you asked … Let’s take a look at the situation.

If the banks are going to get stuck with the property of years, short sales will most likely be their only option.

The banks need to get the loans off their books, the title to the property has to be clean, and the only way both can now happen is if the seller agrees to sell, and signs the deed of conveyance.

This puts the seller in a pretty unique position because now the banks have a real motivation to work with the seller. Otherwise, they will get stuck with a property in which they can’t sell for a long, long time.
The short sale market should experience a huge boom as lenders and realtors combine efforts to get homes off the books!

Having an Education In Short Sales Is No Longer an Option –
It Has Just Become a Necessity

YOU NEED to be educated in Short Sales if you plan on succeeding in the Real Estate Business over the next few years.

There has never been a better time to capitalize on Short Sales.
Now you will really be doing your part and helping not only the homeowner but the bank as well.

Not for nothing, but the more short sales you can do, the better off the entire country will be! The more Foreclosures you can stop, the more people you could help and the more real estate properties you can buy or sell.


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