Olive Oil Protection Against Breast Cancer

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Olive live oil has been considered as the best to prevent cancer.

Olive live oil has been considered as the best to prevent cancer. Its regular use in diet has proved to be useful and could help to keep breast cancer at bay- Most nutrionist recommend the inclusion of olive in the diet to the people suffering from breast cancer. Spanish scientists found that olive oil mounts a multi-prolonged attack on the tumours, stunting their growth, driving their cells to implode and protects the DNA from the damage that can lead to cancer.

 Researchers at Barcelona, Spain found that the olive oil thwarts a gene that drives the growth of breast tumours. So the inclusion of olive oil is more in Mediterranean diet which reduce risk of breast cancer. Researcher Dr Maria Isabel Covas, of the Institute Municial d’Investigacio Medica in Barcelona, said: “Knowing which genes can be modulated by diet in a healthy way can help people select healthy foods.” A second Spanish study found that olive oil ‘turns down’ genes linked to hardening of the arteries and heart disease. According to the reasearches regular or moderate intake of olive oil reduce the other coronary diseases and health problems. It stops cell decay and also slows down the growth of breast cancer in you. Hence women who need protection and want to hinder breast cancer, it’s advised to include virgin olive oil in their daily diet. The experiments were carried on rats, and the researchers found that the oil, which has High content of antioxidative substances, switched off proteins and cancer cells rely on to stay alive. It also protects DNA from damage which can lead to cancer, the Daily Mail quoted the researchers as saying.

It’s known, that, a fat rich diet can lead to cancer but some fats are not harmful and it protects you from cancer. When ifs virgin olive oil because of its richness in oleic acid, which is non saturated fatty acid and also the presence of bio -active compounds such as antioxidants, prevent breast cancer in you. It also founds that it reduces the risk of bladder stone formation.

The studies have also shown that it is the primary food for cardiac health. It helps in reducing cholestrol and also in loosing weight issues. So olive oil is not only helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer but also good for health and in preventing many diseases. The finding provides more impetus for healthy eating – as well as ideas for new drugs to tackle heart problems.

Reporting their findings in the journal Carcinogenesis, study author Dr Eduard Escrich said regular and long term use of extra virgin olive oil could give better results. A second Spanish study found that olive oil ‘turns down’ genes linked to hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Dr Gerald Weissmann of the FASEB journal, which published the finding, said: “This study is ground-breaking because it shows that olive oil and a Mediterranean diet affect our bodies in a far more significant way than previously believed.”


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