The Interpersonal Benefits of Massage to Couples And Children

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Partners who regularly massage each other will develop a deeper relationship as trust, understanding,  and sensitivity to each other are communicated through massage.

A 20 – 30 minutes massage can be rewarding before a couple sexual activity.  It enhances sensuality and intimacy to the couple.

A husband who works all day  usually goes home tired with loads of work tensions and headache.  Sometimes a couple’s  evening is only spent to a heated argument because of inability to communicate well due to stress.   It is such  a relief to  spend a relaxing night together with a massage instead of having an argument.

A wife who regularly gives massage to husbands deserves a turn.  They  make turns who will do the massage on a daily basis or whenever they want to. 

A failing sexual relationship on a couple brings insecurities and invisible war which leads to the decline of the relationship. A sensitive partner can make an initiative to introduce massage as a common ground to revive the intensity and passion to each other.


A fetus inside a womb can already feel a mother’s love through a light massage of the abdominal area. A physical contact before birth will help the child inside develop well.

It is also advisable to a father to do the same which bring him closer to the mother and his child. Same with the couple’s relationship to each other as they await for their bundle of joy.

A regular massage can be done to their children as a way to maintain communication with them. Same with an adult, a child coming from school has their own struggles in schools and sometimes goes homes feeling low. A comforting touch from massage is like a pat on the back to make the child relax to release the tension.

Parents are not the only one who can do the massage in the family. Children are also taught to do simple massage at the age of six. It is a way of teaching them the joy of giving their time and self to others. They can express their love in simple ways through massage to their parents. As parents,a gesture of little things done by their children is already a reason for them to be happy and forget problems and other everyday stress.

When a child is sick, it is good to give them a light massage to help blood circulation and improve energy.

A child who grows up with a regular massage tend to cope up with social problems and a more mature individual.

There is no greater joy of giving or receiving a gift of touch by a loving hand expressed through the unspoken communication of massage.


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