How to Keep Child Active Throughout The Day by Giving Healthy Food Supplement

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Suggests easy food tips to keep your child active throughout the day.

  • Breakfast is a very important meal of the day .Parents must always try to keep 10-15 minutes aside for the kid so that a child can able to finish breakfast properly before he/she sets off to school.

  • Food is fun try to build up such king of feeling in child mind. Don’t make it feel like a chore. Include substantial portions of carbohydrates, proteins in the meals is very much important and necessary to keep the child’s energy levels high.

  • Try to give your child different foods every day in their plate. Remember that variety is the recipe for good health. Try giving parathas, omelette, toast, cornflakes and fruits and let him make a choice.

  • A kid’s or child meal must include green leafy vegetables and also nuts as a ground rule everyday if possible because it is very much necessary for his/ her growth.

  •  Also remember that big amounts of saturated fat is not good for health, so avoid giving fried stuff as a mid-day snack regularly .Stay away from an overdose of candies too.

  • Try to prepare a good healthy and tasty food schedule for your child so they can enjoy the food prepared by you with love for them. Look to it that your child don’t waste or avoid good and healthy food.

  • Since playtime makes the child perspire a lot, make sure he/she drinks plenty of fluids. Lime juice or orange juice apart from milk and yoghurt can also be given.

  • Snacking can be good for health provides its high on nutrition


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