Three Little Angels

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Three Little Angels

Our three urchinsOur three urchins

When you see this photograph taken many years ago, you see three children, a sister with her two brothers, standing close together. The two boys have their heads resting on the side of their elder sister’s face, in such an angelic pose.

It is hard to imagine, that just five minutes ago, they were arguing over a chocolate bar. The boys had eaten theirs, but their sister had saved hers. Now they wanted her to share it, but she didn’t see why she should, after all they had not shared theirs.

But then they were called to have their picture taken for the family album. Our young girl put on a pretty dress, pale green with a lace collar, which Mama will make her take off afterwards, lest she should spoil it playing out in the garden.

The boys are both wearing identical jumpers, which they received for Christmas , but because they are such urchins, they too, will have to change, so they can play and romp freely in the garden. They have play clothes, and best clothes, and no matter how much they protest, Mama’s word is law.

Family love is a wonderful thing, as children can fall out one minute, and hug each other the next ,because it’s all part of living and learning, that you can’t always have what you want, when you want. God bless our 3 urchins, because at this moment in time, they have become 3 little angels.


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