Few Signs of Legitimate Programs And Scam Sites.

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Hello Folks, 

I am writing this article with the motive of helping people to differentiate between scam and legitimate programs so that it saves their time and money and most importantly the frustration they face after being scammed by these websites. There are a few things you need to know about websites before you decide to jump into making money on the internet. I am writing this article after having collected a rich experience and having done enough research about these things. 90 % of the internet is controlled by scam programs and thug people who just know to exploit others of their hard earned money. It requires some effort from your side to check out whether a site is a genuine one or fake. I will help you to find this out. Always check for the following things I am listing below :-

1>  Check for the information about the website on Whois.tools. It reveals a rich data about the owner and the website, If the Information about the owner and the site is open to public then you can be assured that you are working with a genuine website.

2>  Check out if the particular site has forums where members can interact with each other and post their feedbacks or payment proofs, but be sure that the forums are open and not moderated by the administration. Moderated forums give the warning of the site being a scam.

3>  Check out the payment proofs posted by members on the forums and ensure that they are genuine.

4>  Interact with the members and make sure that the site is paying them, Interaction with members helps a lot.

5>  Never invest in a site without getting paid atleast once. Not all sites which require investment are genuine though some are very good ones.

6>  Always make use of Google to check out feedbacks and reviews about the site.

7>  Check out the “per click rates” in case of Paid-to-click sites. The sites which offer more than 0.01 $ per click to standard members and more than 0.03 per click to premium members are sure to go scam sooner than expected.

8>  Never invest in Bux-hosted websites as they do not last more than 6 months and neither does the administration have any control over them.

9>  It is always advisable to participate in forums of a particular website to know more about it. Join only those sites which have open forums.

I have always found the above ways very helpful in judging a particular website and its authenticity. The sites which satisfy most of the conditions above can be termed as legitimate and good one’s. I hope that this article helps many people to choose genuine sites saving their time and hard earned money from getting being exploited by these cheaters. I wish you good luck in your undertakings and also wish that you earn a lot of money.


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