Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage Review

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Imran Sadiq & Kieran Gill: Creators of Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage

As the time approaches for Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage software to hit the internet market on Monday 10th January, 2011, I’d like to spot the light slightly on the 2 guys behind the scenes of this new traffic generation software. Of course, I’m talking about Imran Sadiq and Kieran Gill.

Imran Sadiq & Kieran Gill are what you can call The Dynamic Due as both never had a big name in the internet marketing world till they co-operated together. Their reputation started when they coauthored the infamous training course by Chris X and I mean Affiliate X (Affiliate X was the course where many of affiliates started their career from and it was a real big hit to the market at the time it was released).

Imran Sadiq expertize in making money using Twitter while on the other hand, Kieran Gill excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and methods to drive Free Traffic to websites. Both Imran and Kieran had launched 2 products separately as Imran launched Tweetomatic Profitter while Kieran launched 9 to 5 Annihilation.

Their real breakthrough was when they launched Auto Traffic Avalanche via Clickbank which was a real shock to the market. The shock was because this traffic generating system which was produced by 2 non-famous names (at that time) in internet marketing world hit strongly to the degree it broke 2 records: 1- Highest gravity ever recorded on Clickbank (This record was broken last week by Mass Money Makers) and 2- 13 weeks At Number One In The ClickBank Marketplace!!

And I can tell you right now XTA is definitely one to watch. Here’s a quick Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage review just so you know what to expect. But how can I be so sure that XTA is a beast on the ClickBank horizon? Well, I’ve had early access to the product – and its definitely unlike anything you’ve seen out there before.

For a start, it isn’t focused purely on affiliate marketing. And to me this is the most important point of all. To many the affiliate marketing game can be a little too competitive – and that’s why Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage is focused on a new “hidden” market, one that us online entrepreneurs normally ignore. What makes this hidden market especially interesting is that it’s absolutely huge – in fact, its over 1,000 times bigger than the affiliate marketing industry in total.

Secondly, what makes Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage special is that it’s focused entirely on a proven arbitrage method that has worked for years. In fact, the tactic behind XTA has been around arguably as long as the Internet itself – and people have made millions from it, both as simple self employed individuals or huge global corporations. And this ties in with the third point – why Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage is not just proven and unique, but also accessible to the average person…

Finally, while Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage is a proven, established tactic, its still potentially very profitable indeed. And you need not worry about the competition that’s been there for years. How? Well, its simple. XTA is also completely automated – and that’s the magic of the whole thing, and why its being released now. Because, while the method has been around for a long time, its the fact that it’s just been automated and made fully push-button that allows you to take the proven method, inject with a shot of techno-steroids, and enjoy turbo-charged traffic results like never before.

Before now, the tactic was profitable for sure – but with too much competition and no real “edge”, it was hard to break into the mix, suck in free traffic, and succeed as an outsider. Well, now, as we head in 2011, that’s doable.

Now as I say, Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage goes live next Monday – and you should expect some serious buzz about it once word gets out. I’ll have a full, in-depth review before then. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more information.

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