Decorating Bathrooms – How Small a Budget Can You Pull a Renovation Off In?

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If you’ve been living for the last decade or so with a bathroom that has its cleanliness going for it and little else, chances are that it is the either the hassle of renovating that’s keeping you from going for something else, or it’s the cost. Decorating bathrooms certainly can be expensive if you take the standard route – bathrooms come in right after kitchen remodels for how expensive they can get. Let’s say that you are going on a budget of $1200 for your bathroom remodel. It does sound close to impossible to bring in all-new stuff for your bathroom – a whole new floor, a mirror, newly painted walls, old fixtures, a basin and countertop – all in that kind of money. But with a little extra thought put into the venture, there are ways to go about decorating bathrooms that can get everything done on a budget like that.

Decorating bathrooms, you’re supposed to start with the floors. They make really pretty ceramic tiles these days that can look just as great as porcelain. For a small bathroom, you wouldn’t need more than 30 or 40 tiles; you could probably do a whole bathroom at under $50 with some of the really pretty tiles you can pick. Be sure to get anti-slip tiles for added safety. While a great floor can do wonders for the atmosphere in your bathroom, your bathroom walls are no less important. Of course, getting professionals to the paint your bathroom can really strain your budget. If you could work up the nerve to tackle the project yourself, you’ll be really glad to be able to get close enough to your project to do a part of it yourself. It doesn’t have to take long either. Painting small bathroom and ceiling and picking the right colors to make it look more high-end than it is, shouldn’t take you more than half a day.

A beautiful countertop and a contemporary sink and fixtures can really complete the newly-decorated look in your bathroom. To do something like splurge on a beautiful glass sink, you probably have to find ways to be creative with the countertop. But that won’t be difficult. You could try a marble or granite shop for a scrap piece that’s not of much use to them. You could get it cheap for anout $100; and if you bought a vessel sink to sit on top of that, you could save on expense of cutting a hole in the middle to fit a sink through. They sell beautiful all-glass vessel sinks these days with matching glass vessel faucets to go with them. The countertop and sink won’t set you back more than $350. If you buy the sink online, you could probably get a deal that is even cheaper.

A beautiful vanity mirror will probably be too expensive for a budget renovation. You could go to a framer’s and have one made for you out of scap to save on money. You’ll probably need other materials like grouting, fixtures for the shower and toilet, and of course, you’ll need to set aside about $400 for labor. Decorating bathrooms doesn’t have to be expensive if your chief ingredient is your creativity. In the end, you can stand back and be amazed at what a few hundred can achieve in updating the look of an old space.


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