Clarins Makeup

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The first Clarins Institute was opened in Paris way back in 1954 and was founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who had just finished his medical studies and had decided to use his knowledge and research to explore aesthetic techniques, treatments and methods for enhancing ones looks and charm. New massage methods which use 100% pure extract treatment oils from plants were also founded by him. The products offered by the company have been developed after a lot of research and innovation, which is why they are the best in the cosmetic industry.

Clarins makeup sets include a large variety of items which can be used depending on one’s own preferences and what makes them feel beautiful from inside and confident on the outside. Clarins makeup sets, in fact, are so dear to most women that they are amongst the most popular gift sets for weddings and birthdays. It includes the multi active starter kit, which helps in combating ageing with a 3 step skincare set that features day treatments, exfoliating cleansers, wrinkle correction creams all at just 49 dollars. The Day and Night Wonders Gift set provides a younger looking skin by providing an intensive lifting complemented by micro-soothing serum and comes at a cost of 173 dollars. It includes the extra-firming, tightening lift botanical serum.

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