Planning a UK Backpack Trip to go Off The Beaten Track

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It isn’t uncommon for a backpacker in America to buy a car just to get around the country and explore. If this is the kind of experience you’re coming from, you may be forgiven for wondering if you should buy or rent a car for your UK backpack plans too when you get there. The first thing that could work against such a move would be the way they drive in the UK. Not that there’s anything wrong with it – they just drive on the left side of the road. Things could get confusing.

For the UK backpack traveler on a budget, finding tempting stuff to eat is never a problem here. If you’re looking for authentic British food, you’ll rarely find it, save for the fish and chips staple at any corner shop. Food in Britain has become completely cosmopolitan. There is food here from everywhere in the world – China, India, Italy – British menus are often in short supply. Whatever British food you’ll get to eat here will be mostly in the pubs; and they aare great places to find cheap meals at any time. Your typical public house meal will be the hearty English breakfast (that they serve all day). You’ll get filling food like steak pie, bangers and mash, and of course, beer.

The great thing about experiencing Britain on a low budget and on foot is that you often come into contact with the great passion the entire country has for its football. Everywhere you go to rest your backpack and your aching feet, people you’ll find, are talking about football – about the game they saw the week before, or about the game that’s right around the corner. Every Saturday is football time, and if you can find a way to attend a couple of games it will give you a great deal of insight into the British mind and their overwhelming love of football.

Stepping into any pub or talking to anyone on the street, you are frequently going to wonder if you need an interpreter. For a country as small as Britain, the accent certainly changes wildly from place to place. Scottish and Welsh actually, are entirely different languages, and the English they speak will be so thick with the local accent, you’l really relish it.

A UK backpack trip cn never be just about taking in the major cities though. They have great mountains to climb, countryside trekking and wonderful wild camping out in the middle of nowhere. That’s what the backpacker’s experience really is about coming here. You should probably check out a site like for a great deal of in-depth information on how to really go off the beaten track on your backpack trip to Britain.


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