Will I Still Get My Earnings From The Previous Earning Scheme In Bukisa?

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Now that Bukisa have changed its earing scheme, I barely see some of my friends in here now. Before I always see them daily, but I think most of them have move to another site. I am also planning to move my articles, but I am still trying to test this new scheme and give Bukisa some time to prove that this new earning scheme is still profitable. But Yet I still have some earnings from the previous earning scheme, and I and still waiting that Bukisa will pay me. Do you have the same experience? Well I really don;t get a chance to receive any payment yet from this site. The $12 that I’d earn from the previous earning scheme is suppose to be my first every payment in here. But now that Bukisa have change the scheme in here, will I still get that $12.

I do believe that I am not the only one who have this question. Well, have you got your payment? Or do you think Bukisa will still pay us, or Bukisa will just put those earning to this new earning scheme? But how will Bukisa do that money trasfer to Adsense and Chitika if ever?

I still believe Bukisa need to pay people like me. I work hard for this few dollars so I deserve a payment.


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