Squidoo Lens : The Best Alternative to a Personal Blog

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For a guy who has considerable experience, I can definitively say that no other Web 2.0 publisher including Hubpages, allows you as much freedom with your page as Squidoo. A Squidoo page (officially called a lens) is specifically designed to serve as a mini blog and here is a list of reasons why it is the best alternative to actually owning a blog with Blogger or on your own hosting:

  • Squidoo is the ONLY Web 2.0 publisher I know which offers full HTML control of your lens page, allowing you to display any banner/affiliate code anywhere on your Squidoo lens.

  • Squidoo pages are optimized for search engines and often have high page ranks and feature near the top of Google for relevant keywords. I have seen Squidoo lenses with PR6, in comparison the index page of Hubpages is PR6 and that of Xomba is PR4.

  • Because of the principal concept behind Squidoo, it is the ideal place to go if you have something to say about a product, service or issue but lack the passion or knowledge to maintain a full fledged blog based on that topic

  •  Squidoo is one of the very few Web 2.0 publishers which actually encourages its lensmasters to use their service for promotion and affiliate marketing. Unlike Hubpages, there are no restrictions the number of outgoing links you can have from a lens etc. In fact, many Squidoo lenses are dedicated solely to the purpose of marketing a particular product.

  • Squidoo is one of the very few Web 2.0 publishers which pays its authors directly. This is a major advantage for Indian and Chinese lensmasters, who have a tough time getting accepted by Google Adsense.

Despite all these advantages, Squidoo does suffer from a few drawbacks which you should be wary of:

  • To get any amount of traffic to your Squidoo lens, you must update it regularly (just like a regular blog).

  • The revenue sharing is decidedly on the lower side and is approximately 45%

  • The online text editor is not as intuitive as some of the other Web 2.0 publishers. In fact it is merely an HTML editor, where all formatting has to be entered in HTML pattern. 


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