Magazine Loading Made Easy by Maglula Ltd.

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Every once and a while you come across a tool that makes your life more enjoyable and when you combine it with shooting your prized AR, rifle or pistol it’s a bonus. Well, I have come across such a tool, which makes loading and unloading magazines a joy. In 2001, a father and son team, Guy and Ran both born in Israel, established Maglula Ltd. The name Maglula stands for magazine loaders and unloader’s accessories. Maglula Ltd. is a privately held company which was started to design and produce a magazine loader/unloader that would stand up to the use it would see in the service of the military. They currently have 5 models available, the LULA, a rifle magazine loader, the UpLULA, a universal pistol magazine loader, the StripLULA a loader for 10 rd. military stripper clips and loose rounds, the BabyUpLULA a loader for small bore pistols from .22 to .380 and the BenchLoader a heavy duty single stroke magazine loader. Within each category, for example the LULA, there is a loader for 7 different types of magazines, just check the loader you want to see if it loads your magazines.

Let’s start with the StripLULA. Since everyone in Israel is required to serve a tour in the military, you find out what works and what doesn’t real fast and I am really sure they found loading magazines a major pain like we have. Now those of you, who have served in the Military within the combat arms, know all to well the pain associated with loading the infamous USGI 30 rd. magazine from a stripper clip. We all tried using our hands and fingers and found it to be a memorably bad experience, and most of the time, conditions permitting, used the table edge at the range, or some other hard, fixed surface worked. For those of you who did not serve or haven’t served yet, you probably still know what I’m talking about because of the many AR platforms on the market and you own one or know someone who does. This useful tool will prevent those sore fingers and hands.

With this fantastic little device you can load a 30 rd. magazine in under 5 seconds, no sweat and no busted up hands or table tops. And if that’s not the best news you have ever heard, it gets better, because it loads loose rounds just as easy, no stripper clips needed.  It also has a device on the end that strips the rounds from the magazine to help unload them after your done shooting. It also centers the rounds going into the magazine so they do not contact the feed lips, helping reduce wear and tear on this important area. It is very simple to use as well, just slip it onto the back of your magazine (the rim side) and place the stripper or loose rounds into the channel guide, move the pushing device in position and with two fingers push the ammunition into the magazine. Just repeat the process till the magazine is fully loaded.

The second loader I own is called the UpLULA. It loads and unloads any single or double stack magazine, because it adjusts to the magazine body when you squeeze it. When you insert the magazine body into the loader you squeeze the loader and the beak, which is made of metal and is very sturdy, inserts itself into the magazine and pushes the follower down.  The beak is what compresses the follower and loaded rounds so the next round can be loaded. To unload, just squeeze and slide the beak under the first round and push down, dump the round out and repeat. It also has a small tab on the side to lock the loader in the closed position for ease of storage.

Your probably asking your self where can I get these loaders, well they are carried by Butler Creek and they are available in many of the frequently found shooting accessory catalogs or shooting supply stores. I have used the StripLULA for about a year, and have had no issues with it. I am very happy with the quality of this product. The UpLULA I received from Ran himself at the 2010 Shot Show, and it works as advertised both loading and unloading my 9, .40 and .45 magazines. If you use high capacity magazines and shoot a lot of ammo this will save your thumb. I cannot wait for the .22 magazine version to come out, because if it’s as good as the ones I own so far, it will be a welcome addition to my collection.

The Maglula Ltd. table was one of the last booths I visited on the fourth day of the Shot Show and Ran made me feel like a valued customer, immediately going into his product demonstration after I sung his praises about my StripLULA.  I told him I was in the process of getting a UpLULA and LULA for my FN-FAL and he showed me how they worked and he said, “I will sell you one for 20 dollars,” I looked in my wallet and had 5 bucks to my name, I told him I would have to buy one later from the catalog I ordered my StripLULA from. He looked at me and said, “Wait a minute,” he moved to the back table and gathered a few loaders and gave me a new StripLULA and an UpLULA. I told him thank you, and that I would give him and his company high praises whenever someone saw me using my loaders and asked, “What is that you’re using to load your mags?” Make sure you visit their site at to see them in action.

Thanks Guy and Ran for a great product, I hope to see more loaders in the future.


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