Parents Shadow To Their Children – Part 2

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Always depending on the parents for each and every thing and make discussion about something is necessary for an adult. Because adults are just growing up. They have to learn more things in their life. But their parents have more experience in this life. They are very much supportive to us to grow more safely. But to learn something starts with application that is the best idea of being away to our parent. Learning from parents is over and you must start your own by practicing outside your parents shadows.

But it depends on the family. I’ve always thought of family as being very important and parents should support their children. Culture does play a big role but where I live, young people usually move out on their own after they become permanently employed. I think that when children are raised in a loving and compassionate environment, they will know when they are ready to move out on their own and parents must be ready to let them go. For some it may be at eighteen or nineteen, others may not be ready until several years later.

Some think parents are integral to everyone, no matter what race or age you are in. Independence doesn’t mean you cut off ties with your family. You can be independent while still connected to your mother and father. It’s just a matter of perspective. Personally, I love that I am still emotionally connected to my parents. They provide me with the guidance and wisdom that I need.

True that family bonding is an essential part of life. It is not only about culture but also makes our lives simple. In cases of emergencies, mental depressions and other bad things, it is only your own family on whom you can depend. Children too learn a great more and have a better lifestyle and ways of thinking where the families stay together.

In other countries, when you reached the age of 18 means that you no longer a child. You are capable of doing things by yourself or even can work for your own. That is their culture which somehow good for the reason that teaching the children to stand on their own as well as to be confident and responsible for everything they are capable of doing. On the contrary, in most Asian countries, we used to hold our kids as long as we can, without knowing that we are the one who holding them up to learn, for some reasoning like they still immature. If we are always like this, when can they be matured? For me, even the child is not 18 yet, we should let them discover what they can do on their own. Parents are here for guidance. When they reached the so-called right age, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be with parents anymore. They don’t need parents to feed them up and do things for them. They don’t need parents physically, what they need is their parent’s love, caring through reminders and guidance when they seems going to things beyond what is right. Family can maintain their bonding in so many ways and even more joyful for them.

Regardless of age, when the kids are unmarried or even if married but could not afford a home of their own and when the parents are capable, this is just one form of support for the children, when the parents can and while they can. Generally though although there are also cases of dependency at times but the way I see it, the moment children land a job or earns, they help or they support the family, their parents and siblings and/or their very own families if they have one. The priority of course is their own families but the help to the parents and siblings when necessary is still there.


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